What is MotorTango?

MotorTango helps you sell your car quickly, easily and for the highest dollar. Unlike other options, we don’t make you choose between price and convenience. You can have both when dealers compete to buy your car! Plus, MotorTango eliminates all those annoying sales calls and text messages as our competing dealers never receive your contact information unless you select a winning offer.

Using our smart technology, we work with verified dealers to connect you with the right buyer in a few easy steps. Simply provide details and photos of your car and we will share your car with verified dealers across our network. Then sit back and watch the offers roll in. When you find an offer that’s right for you, accept the offer and confirm the sale.

You don’t pay a dime. Dealers pay MotorTango a fee when they buy your car - that’s it.

No. Just create a car profile with your license plate number or VIN, car details and photos and we will take it from there. If you like an offer from one of our verified dealers, accept the offer and the dealer will contact you to arrange collection and payment details. Your contact information is hidden throughout the process and only shared with the winning dealer.

All non-commercial cars, vans and trucks.

1) Profile your car: Enter your plate number or VIN and our smart technology will autofill your car information. MotorTango will guide you through completing your car profile including photos, condition report and mileage.
2) We get to work: MotorTango will alert our network of verified car dealers about your vehicle.
3) Watch the offers roll in and select the offer that works for you. You are never under any obligation to sell your car.
4) Complete the sale: Your dealer will contact you and verify that your car is as described. Have your driver’s license, car title and other documents requested by the dealer available upon verification. Once you’ve signed your title, the dealer will hand you a certified check and take your car.

Every car’s value is different, depending on factors like make, model, mileage, age and condition. We use live market data and industry insights along with your car’s specific history, specifications and condition to provide a target range for your vehicle, but offers will be made by dealers in the network. You select your desired asking price and our dealers will use data and their own trading insights to provide a fixed offer for your vehicle. There is never an obligation to sell your car at any stage of the process.

The key areas that impact the value of your car are:

Cars with low mileage are typically more valuable. The average U.S. car driver drives between 13,000 to 15,000 miles per year

Chips, dents, and scratches are part of driving. It happens. Being clear and up-front about the condition of your car enables an accurate price to be identified quickly. MotorTango helps you capture the condition of your car through our easy-to-use photo process and online questionnaire.

Service history
The value of a car with a full-service history in line with manufacturer recommendations will likely be higher than the same car with a partial or missing service history.

Number of previous owners
Typically, the fewer number of owners, the better it is for your valuation. However, it is not uncommon for a car to have one to four owners in an eight-year period.

Car color
Color can play a part in the valuation of your car as some colors are more desirable than others. This will be reflected in the price of your car. Neutral or standard colors such as blue, gray, or black are popular and sell in high numbers in the used car market. Purple or orange cars may not be as sought after and therefore have a lower value.

Your location
The car’s location may impact the valuation – vehicles in remote locations are more costly for the dealer to collect.

Insurance write offs
Your valuation will be reduced if your car has been involved in an accident. If your insurance company assigns an accident category status with a single letter, it indicates that it cannot be fixed economically and your car may be worth more as parts or by selling it for scrap metal.

Valuation: MotorTango will provide valuation estimates for your vehicle based upon live market data and industry insights along with your car’s specific history, specifications and condition. You should also conduct your own research.

Asking Price: This is the price you select to sell your car. Keep in mind that setting an asking price significantly higher than market value may result in fewer offers to purchase your car.

Sales Price: Depending on market demand, dealer offers may come in above or below your asking price. Once you accept an offer from a dealer, that offer amount becomes the final sales price of your vehicle. Keep in mind that you are never obligated to accept a dealer offer.

The asking price you set for your vehicle may affect the number of offers you receive. Dealers are more likely to make offers when you choose a realistic asking price that reflects the vehicle’s value. If you overprice your vehicle, dealers may believe you are unrealistic and may not make an offer.

High-quality photos of your vehicle can increase demand for your vehicle, make it more attractive to dealers, reduce the chance of any issues upon collection, and ultimately achieve a higher price. Dealers make offers based on photos and your vehicle’s history report, so please include photos of any issues or imperfections. Dealers will inspect your car prior to collection and payment so it is critical that you accurately portray your vehicle in both your descriptions and photos.

MotorTango provides an easy-to-use upload process that allows you to take the required photos with your phone and then upload them to your MotorTango listing. Dealers agree: The more photos, the better in terms of placing an accurate value on your vehicle.

We will need the following photos to list your car: odometer, VIN number, license number, engine, interior, all sides of the exterior, wheels, tire treads and photos of any imperfections. A list of the required photos and example photos will be displayed as part of the listing process.

You can take photos on any smart phone, digital camera, or laptop and use MotorTango’s simple photo upload process to add your images.

For best results:

  • Remove all clutter and personal items including car seats and shopping bags.
  • Make sure your car is clean inside and out. Consider a professional car wash to maximize the value of your car.
  • Take your photos in the daylight hours of a dry, overcast day to minimize glare and reflections.
  • Find a location with a generic background like a park or brick building that provides enough space to walk all around your car.
  • Edit your photos, framing your car in the center and eliminating any unnecessary distractions.

We verify both our dealers and our sellers to promote a seamless, secure car sale for all. We are in the business of selling cars, not consumer data, so your privacy is always safe with us. Our competing dealers never receive your contact information unless you select a winning offer.

Yes! Once you approve the sale, the dealer must contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time to inspect and collect your vehicle.

You will need a few documents ready so your dealer can prepare your cashier’s check and complete the transfer of ownership. By having these ready in advance of the vehicle handover, you are more likely to have a quick and hassle-free experience.

  • Vehicle registration and title.
  • All spare keys & fobs for your car.
  • Photo ID, such as your driving license or passport.
  • Proof of address – a utility bill, bank or credit card statement will work. The address shown must match the address on the vehicle registration document.
  • If you have a loan on your car, the dealer will need your vehicle's 10-day payoff statement from the finance company confirming the final settlement figure.
  • Service records, radio and key codes if you have them.
  • Fuel – Dealers don’t require a full tank of fuel, but please make sure there is enough in your car so that the fuel light is not on.
  • Any additional documents required by your dealer.

When collecting the car, the dealer will inspect the car to make sure it matches the details and photos you’ve provided. This usually involves a quick look over the bodywork, interior, and general mechanics, and may involve a short test drive. Once the dealer is satisfied that the car is as described, they will make the payment to you and/or your finance company, sign over the paperwork, and take possession of the vehicle.

Our dedicated customer care team is on hand to help with any issues that may arise. Lack of contact from a dealer is rare but can happen. Please contact us at if you haven’t heard anything within 24 hours of accepting an offer. You may also contact the dealer directly using the information displayed with the listing in your account.


Yes, it’s easy! Just provide a vehicle payoff statement from your lender (usually valid for 10 days) and when the dealer collects your car they will pay off your lender directly and pay you the balance.