How am I notified when there is a new listed car for sale?

Notifications matching your vehicle preferences will come by email. All listings for sale will be displayed in the Marketplace of your MotorTango account.

Yes, you can see all the active car listings by clicking on the Marketplace tab.

Each car listing will display the time remaining to submit an offer.

The default is 30 days. We may adjust this as the service is rolled out. The offer time is displayed with each listing.

MotorTango verifies all sellers before their listings are activated.

No, he/she/they do not.

You will be notified by MotorTango in an email that your offer has been accepted and receive the seller’s contact information. This is also displayed in your dashboard.

You have 24 hours to contact the seller and make arrangements for inspection and pickup.

You have five calendar days to complete the transaction with the seller.

Yes, we encourage you to fully inspect the car when you meet the seller for pickup.

If the car is not materially as represented, you can negotiate with the Seller for a new price or cancel the transaction.

You pay the seller directly, handle the title, pay off any liens and collect and remit sales tax.

MotorTango charges you, the dealer, a marketing fee for every completed sale.  Submit the final purchase price in your dealer dashboard within 24 hours of completion and we will charge our fee to your credit card on file.

Dealer Fee Schedule

Stripe is our credit card processor. When a Dealer makes an offer, a $1 authorization charge may appear on their credit card. This charge will reverse and disappear from the Dealer’s account in up to 7 days. Stripe uses this temporary charge to verify that a credit card is valid.

When a Dealer makes an offer, Stripe shall authorize payment of the MotorTango fee to guarantee funds are available. This authorization will be valid for up to 7 days and the charge may show as pending in the Dealer's account.  When a Seller accepts the Dealer's offer, the MotorTango fee will be charged to the Dealer's credit card.  If the Dealer's offer is not accepted, the initial Stripe authorization will cancel out within the initial 7 days from the offer.

No, the fee is based on the accepted offer price.

No, the seller only sees your offer price and city.

MotorTango only charges a fee if you purchase a car.  It is free to set up your account, view listings and submit offers.  Plus, there are no monthly fees.

Dealer Fee Schedule

MotorTango provides the seller with several valuations based on recent market data. This market data is also displayed with the listing you receive. It is adjusted for condition and mileage.  However, the ultimate price-setting decision is up to the seller.

That’s really up to the seller. The seller may not pick the highest offer. Other factors could include your dealership’s proximity or how soon the offer is received. The seller can accept an offer at any time, including before the listing ends. Getting offers in as early as possible is highly recommended.

The seller will receive your dealership and contact information and will expect to be contacted within 24 hours of their accepted offer.