MotorTango was founded for one reason: To make selling your car easier.

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get multiple offers all while questioning if you are selling your car for a fair price. You also shouldn’t have to let a stranger take a test drive, worry about arranging a safe meeting place, accept a check that may not be legit, or stress about dealing with a pile of cash that may or may not raise eyebrows.

Leave giving your contact information to a big, impersonal car site in the past. Say goodbye to unwanted dealer calls, texts and emails!

We built MotorTango for sellers. Along the way, we learned dealers love it too. Turns out everyone wants to save time and avoid scams, spam and other miscellaneous unpleasantness.

Our founders include a couple of no-nonsense women from the Midwest who believe selling a car should be safe, easy and hassle-free.

MotorTango is the practical solution that makes life easier for everyone.

Sell your car for a fair price to the verified dealer who wants it the most.

Simple right?